BIO:  Mark Shaughnessy

Mark Shaughnessy graduated from Kent State in 1972. He spent thirty years in the corporate world, mostly leading sales and marketing organizations. He worked for the Prudential, and was senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, Jefferson Pilot and Ceridian.

Mark’s is a Vietnam veteran and coauthored a book with his brother who also served in Vietnam titled: Vietnam Remembered Today that highlighted the key battles and events of the conflict from 1950 to 1975.

Mark Shaughnessy published the book Sales Secrets Today in 2012. He taught the students of the 24 Hour MBA How to Win New Customers and Keep Them for Life. Mark is a subject matter expert in terms of increasing sales. He has a unique way of explaining how to increase sales, which is done through increasing new sales, selling more products per sale and marketing to existing customers.

Not only does Mark show entrepreneurs how to increase sales, he shows them how to analyze their products/services in comparison to their competitors. In addition, he teaches entrepreneurs how to qualify prospects in order to make the best use of their time.

Mark explains the benefits of identifying your unique selling proposition (USP). Mark’s USP is simply he has a 98% retention rate and 99% repeat rate because he treats his customers well and cares about them. Even if you don’t know what your USP is, Mark helps entrepreneurs reassess their company to figure out what it may be. Marks shows how selling is much more than obtaining sales. He explains how defining goals and time management is important in selling and becoming successful.

No matter the size of your company, Mark gives marketing strategies that will grow your business. In fact, his book Sales Secrets Today has charts and graphs that force you to write your thoughts on paper. This leaves you with your marketing plan.

In addition, Mark discusses traditional forms of marketing and advertising that’s still effective today.  Furthermore, he discusses how mail campaigns, website strategies and telephone campaigns can be effective.

Mark has a track record of success and will help you identify barriers to success. Mark gives six things that businesses must do in order to be successful.

Mark will help you discover your Acres of Diamonds.

Outside of being a sought after sales consultant, Mark takes pride in being a family man. He has been married to Lisa for 28 years and they have two daughters.  They reside Waverly Hall, GA.