Instant Download
$70 + $3 p/h

All audio files will be downloadable in MP3 format playable on any computer, phone, pad, or other device that plays MP3 music files. The Love Screener and Bedroom Talk are in MP3 format PLUS the Bedroom Talk book is in PDF, Kindle® and Nook® formats readable on any computer, smartphone, pad or eBook device. The Daily Business Manager software program will also available for download. Bottled product will be shipped to your address.


MP3 CD discs
$79.95 + $3 p/h

All audio files in MP3 format plus the additional files on CD discs.


Credit Card Sized USB Flash Drive
$89.95 + $3 p/h

All files on a 8GB fast credit card size flash drive. With the credit card sized flash drive, it will fit in your wallet in the credit card slot. All of the files take up less than 1 GB leaving over 7 GB of available free storage, enough to store 300 music CDs. This credit card USB Flash Drive is great to always have with you in your wallet or purse.


Regular Audio CDs
$149.95 + $3 p/h

All of the audio files on 30 audio CDs plus the additional files on a data CD.

$149.95 + $3 p/h

Click the button above to order the MP3 downloads or to pay for listening.

If you have listened to sessions without paying
You will be able to download the MP3 audio file within minutes of ordering.

$70 for ALL 24 One Hour audio sessions in universal MP3 files MP3 files are playable on any computer, phone, pad, or other device that plays MP3 music files.

  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you listen to the sessions and don’t think that they are worth MORE than $70 then we will give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.

The cost is $70 whether you listen to one or all 24 sessions.
$70 is an unreal price but this is from people who give back.
The 24 Hour MBA comes with a FULL Money Back Guarantee if you don’t think these sessions are worth much more than $70.

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