The 12 Speakers of The 24 Hour MBA

The big thing is, The 24 Hour MBA is guaranteed. If you don’t think that it is worth MORE than $70, you get ALL of your money back. There is NO RISK only reward with The 24 Hour MBA.

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The 24 Hour MBA is by specialized speakers including the Bronner Brothers (Nathaniel, James, C. Elijah and Bernard), Gregory T. Baranco, Ken Robbins, Mark Shaughnessy, Atty. Michael Hoffman, Christy Sherman, Frank Salters, LeBron Blanton and Sy Johnson.Through The 24 Hour MBA, speakers with over 300 combined years of business training will transfer knowledge to you in just 24 hours that it takes decades to learn. When you finish the sessions, you will be empowered to start and/or grow your business or your money back!

When you finish the sessions, you will be able to say, “My Business Accelerated and I am empowered to do business!”