BIO:  C. Elijah Bronner

C. Elijah Bronner is the fifth of six sons of the late Nathaniel Bronner, Sr. and Mrs. Robbie Bronner. He graduated from Morehouse College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Banking & Finance. He works in the family hair care business, Bronner Bros, Inc., as a financial officer. He manages a multimillion dollar budget through meticulous calculation and budgeting. His use of financial statements allows him to account for every penny daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

His detailed explanation of income statements, balance sheets and statement of cash flows is helping students of The 24 Hour MBA to get their financial houses in order. Aside from crunching numbers, he shows you how to use charts and graphs to analyze sales and identify problem areas. Through analysis of these statements, charts and graphs, he challenges entrepreneurs to ask themselves “Am I profitable”?

C. Elijah is also known for building teams and creating a harmonious environment. He believes in the concept of a team because no man is an island. He believes that entrepreneurs can build their team through having a unified mission, having regular staff meetings, investing in employee development and celebrating employees. His company embodies all four.

In fact, they pay full tuition if an employee wants to continue to their education. Additionally, Charles and his staff once purchased Olympic style gold metals and placed them over each employee’s head to show appreciation at an award ceremony.

He understands how budgets can be tight, thus he explains inexpensive ways to show your employees that you appreciate them; such as having a special parking spot for the employee of the month, having a wall of fame recognizing employees for excellence and years of service and recognizing birthdays and milestone events. He believes in the power of appreciation and how it can increase employee productivity.

Aside from being a financial expert, he began in ministry at the young age of 19. He was ordained into the Christian ministry by the late Dr. William Holmes Borders, Sr. at Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA in 1988. He began teaching Sunday school, Bible Studies and developing community outreach programs to reach young men.

C. Elijah currently serves as Co-Pastor of The Ark of Salvation International Ministries. There he ministers weekly at The Weekday Word service, which is aired on local and national Christian television networks.  He is known for his heart of compassion and for his unique laugh.

C. Elijah is a sports enthusiast and prides himself on being a good basketball player and golfer.

C. Elijah has authored three books, “Just For The Asking”“How To Find God”, and “7 Ups, 7 Downs, and 7 Turnarounds”.

C. Elijah is married to Traci Bronner, and they have four wonderful children, Amaris, Elisha, Alexis and Charles, Jr.