Q: If I buy the MP3, CDs, etc can I share the sessions with friends, co-workers, employees, etc.?

A: No. Each person who listens to a session must pay the $70. We will not pursue any action if you violate this. The 24 Hour MBA was started because of a Divine command, not earthly desire. The price was set from above and it was $70 for each person who hears the session(s). Although we are solid logical business people we have seen the difference when there is a Divine blessing over a business or project and when there is not. You cannot buy a blessing but it often comes with obedience. Each person who hears the knowledge must pay the $70. Thus was the command and it is your choice whether to obey it. If you have listened to a session and have not paid for it, you may go to the order page and pay for it.

Questions about the seminar:

Q: Who should buy The 24 Hour MBA?

A: Anyone who wants to improve their business skills. Entrepreneurs, high level managers, those thinking about starting a business or even those who simply want to learn. The knowledge is open to all.

Q: Will I be guaranteed to succeed in business after completing The 24 Hour MBA sessions?

A: There is no course or program that will guarantee success, it only improves the odds if you follow the principles.

Q: Is The 24 Hour MBA accredited and/or will I get official school credit?

A: This is not an academic course. This is practical knowledge, therefore, there is NO official accreditation or school credit. It is much like the days of old when apprentices were taught by those who had mastered the skill. You will not get any official degree or school credit, but YOU WILL GET the knowledge that will help you handle business so that you will have money to pay tuition for your kids.

Questions about tickets and attendance:

Q: Why is The 24 Hour MBA so inexpensive? Come on, $70 for 24 sessions, that’s $2.92 per session! Who ever heard of business training for that price?

A: Anyone who has attended business training sessions realizes that the vast majority of business training sessions exceeds $70 for just ONE session. Most business training sessions cost from $200 to $1,000 per session. The 24 Hour MBA was presented as a live series of classes that cost approximately $100,000.00 to produce. The class had 200 people in attendance. They were served breakfast, ALL for $70

The organizers lost money from the live seminar but $70 is the price that God spoke. If God spoke it then we will not budge from it one penny even if we do lose money. God always knows and He always rewards obedience. You never truly lose following God’s voice.

There may be one person who absolutely cannot afford more than $70 and even that amount may be a great strain. God could have set the price so low for that one person. But that price is firm on the live sessions and each format. Each person who receives the knowledge must make at least a token business sacrifice of money. Except for the ridiculously low price, we will stick to the same standards as every other business seminar.

Q: Do I have to listen to all of the sessions?

A: There are separate audio files or CDs for each session. You may selectively listen to the sessions you would like but all of the areas presented are important for running successful businesses.

Q: What if I am not completely satisfied?

A: If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied and if you don’t think The 24 Hour MBA is worth MORE than $70 you will get all of your money back including postage BOTH ways.

Q: Is there a discount if I purchase multiple MP3 sets?

A: There will not be a discount for multiple MP3s tof the sessions. The price is $70 for each person who hears more than one session..

Q: Will the live sessions be repeated?

A: No. There are no future sessions planned. The speakers have businesses to run and all of the information is available in the audio files..