BIO:  LeBron Blanton

LeBron Blanton isn’t a public speaker nor does he have glowing academic accolades. However, he is a small business owner with a more impressive track record than bigger companies in his industry.

In search of a career change and experiencing two bad windshield repairs of his own, he started Superb Windshield Repair. He evaluated his competition for six months and couldn’t find any other company that said they would be superb for their customers.

LeBron Blanton’s company, Superb Windshield Repair has the #1 ranking on Google. He is a one man operation, yet his company holds the top spot on Google when searching on windshield repair in Atlanta.

He understands that Google can’t control how good you are and how well you treat your customers. LeBron takes pride in providing first rate customer service to his customers. Before any service is provided, LeBron has a one on one consultation with each customer in order to understand their needs. He sees that as an opportunity to see what they are not receiving from other companies.

In an industry where companies fail to educate consumers, LeBron is educating his customers on windshield repair and saving them money.

By educating and providing great customer service, Superb Windshield Repair also became number one in local and organic listings such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Angie’s list. After being told that he couldn’t get any good reviews about windshield repair, his customers began dispelling that myth.

Superb Windshield Repair became the number one reviewed company in the U.S. according to the ratio of good to bad reviews. They received 1500 reviews in an industry that only receives negative reviews. Surprisingly, they only received a handful of negative reviews and only one actually came from a customer. Even when most of his reviews mysteriously disappeared, his company still had 153 positive reviews. His 153 reviews were still more than any other company in his industry.

Superb Windshield Repair continues to break barriers facing small businesses through persistence and quality service. He prides himself on doing his job well and Google loves companies that do so.

After earning the number one spot on Google, the experts were asking him to teach them. He wouldn’t do it but he is sharing his secrets with the students of The 24 Hour MBA. Mr. Blanton is featured is Session 10.