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This was the order they were taught in the live sessions

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01 - Is Entrepreneurship For You? 5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer. Learn to Master the Mission Statement, Vision Casting and Goals
02 - Developing and Protecting The Product/Service and Name
03 - The Holistic Entrepreneur: Peace, Mind, Body, Spirit, Marriage and Kids
04 - What To Do About Tight Cash Flow, When The Bank Calls Your Loan, How to Collect From Slow or No Paying Customers and Other Money Miseries, Get Better Prices and Terms From Your Vendors AND Managing Your Personal Finances
05 - Eliminating Negative Repeating Patterns and Creating Lean and Efficient Processes
06 - Distribution of Products and Choosing A Location For Services
07 - Maximizing Existing Customers and How to Find and Close New Customers
08 - How to Hire The Right People and Get Rid of the Wrong Ones
and Hiring Family and Friends
09 - How to Build Teams and Create a Harmonious Environment; Plus How To Extract Beneficial Ideas From Your Employees And Customers
10 - Digital Marketing – Effective Websites and Social Media - How I Got A #1 Ranking On Google
11 - Business Structure: How to choose the right business structure, lawyer, and accountant and how to prepare for the next generation.
12 - Creating Incentives That Motivate Employees and How Much To Pay Yourself and Your Employees
13 - Various Advertising Media - Double Sales with $200
14 - Raising Capital-Knowing When To Sell Out Or Start Over-How To Negotiate Effectively
15 - Time Management and Organization
16 - How to Effectively Train Employees and The 10 Best HR Practices to Increase Workplace Satisfaction and Reduce Legal Risks
17 - Testing, Pricing and Evaluating Competition To Determine How You Are Going To Win
18 - Outsourcing Pros and Cons: Save Money, Time and Headache
19 - Stop The Bleeding - Preventing and Detecting Employee Theft
20 - Creating 5 Star Customer Service
21 - How to Analyze Financial Statements, Budget and Calculate Return On Investments, Products or Services
22 - Leading Effective Meetings and Project Management
23 - How to Choose the Right Business Software and Get the Most Out of It
24 - Becoming A Million Dollar CEO / How To Make Good Decisions